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So, I say to everyone that I don't have any resolutions for 2019, but I actually lie a bit. I want to read more books, and I also want to post my stories again !

So here we are !! Kattemad_01

[Image: wjf1IJf.jpg]

Margaloosa is my save of Appaloosa Plains. I'm not a builder or a decorator, so it hasn't changed much actually, except for the sims living here.
I've got this save since a long time now, so a lot of premades are dead.
It took me a while to learn how to set Story Progression, so I've got fairies, vampires and others everywhere. MG_37

Meh, this save is messy but I love it. You'll love it too   Playboy
I'm looking forward to seeing this again <3

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Marise and Jamal are gonna get married today so they are checking their speech and vows. Just across the street, Yaguel Riffin is at her uncle and aunt's house.
[Image: eMVaXFm.jpg]
She's supposed to look after her little cousin, Sandro, to allow Cornell and Gracie to go to the wedding. She notices a fancy car parked in front of Marise and Jamal’s house. With her "boys' radar", she immediately spots a young man, but he drops his phone, letting her unable to see his face. Is he cute or not ??
It's Marise’s family who has just arrived in town ! Her daughter, Irina, came with her son Loan and her second husband, Kader.
[Image: pAl5hUY.jpg]
Irina lets her husband, son and almost new step-father in charge of finishing the details of the ceremony (it will take place at home, because Marise and Jamal have both the frugal trait), to take her mum to the stylist shop so she can get ready.
Margaloosa is a small town. Everyone knows everyone, so weddings are usually huge events. Marise and Jamal have many friends, like the Riffin family. Tommy Riffin is in charge of driving hi aunt Chantrelle to the ceremony. When he arrives she's not ready, so he's killing some time by looking at her paintings (she’s an amazing artist) and playing chess.
[Image: nF9W6tP.jpg]
Chantrelle is done. Time to go.
In the neighborhood, the Dolans who are supposed to attend the wedding, are definitely not ready. Cornell and Gracie Riffin are more efficient.
[Image: QRKPs8H.jpg]
Yaguel has a plan to attend the wedding and see the mysterious guy from a closer look. Look at this grin ! My little boys crazy girl !

The boys at home are done ! Most of the guests are here, it starts to be busy.
[Image: HiLIoX1.jpg]
The guests are really in the mood, and start to dance and even eat while waiting for the bride. I don't want to know what Yaguel did of her little cousin !!

Irina is a fashion and lifestyle blogger in St Claire, so I guess she knows what she’s talking about.
[Image: PMcwO2o.jpg]
Job done ! Time to go, because it’s starting to be late.

Marise freaks out a bit. How can she be late to her own wedding, seriously !? So much people here already ! Jamal reassures her, without forgetting to tell her how pretty she is.
[Image: yt3jz8q.jpg]
Let's start, shall we ?

At the stylist shop, I found Hailey Pinkerton fighting with Lambert Monroe. They were both under their werewolf form, so I guess there was something wrong.
[Image: 93obOEL.jpg]
Hailey won Grin Maybe some tension because of the wedding ?

So basically, Yaguel Riffin who was supposed to look after her little cousin while her aunt and uncle are at the wedding, sneaked out to check on a potential cute boy. The good news is that she found him. The bad news is that he's talking to her aunt, Sandro's mum !
[Image: s7L39NJ.jpg]
Unlucky Yaguel !
Yaguel's face lolol. Such fury!

Chantrelle looks so elegant Heart

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
[Image: fO8KMQO.gif]

What a lovely lot of guests!  Heart

Update 12/09/2019

I know I take my time Big Grin 

The time has come.
[Image: u16v0qB.jpg]
Marise's family is very proud and happy.

Long life to the newlyweds !!Mauridia_23
[Image: fEDKkNq.jpg]
Everyone is clapping for the new couple ! Wrong time to feel tired, Irina, because the party is just about to start !

There was a glitch or something because all these people kept clapping until nightfall. I had to reset them all it was really annoying. But at least Yaguel is enjoying herself !! Weren't you supposed to look after your cousin ???
[Image: mqypiua.jpg]
Jamal is not pleased to see Etienne's dog ruining the chairs he rented from the Town hall. He forgets about it when guests like Chantrelle come to congratulate him.

Jamal is happy to have a good relationship with Loan, Marise's grandson.
[Image: JVm9F5s.jpg]
Talking about grandson, Marise is barging about him to her guests, and the old Gloria Bedlington is doing the same to Maisy Riffin. You don't change grandmas !

You know when these people pass out because they drank too much at weddings ? Cherazade Pelly and Damaris Bedlington didn't handle it well... Cherna_12
[Image: kUeTEju.jpg]
Yaguel is wondering why she's here stuck chatting with an old man rather than on the dancefloor with Marise's handsome grandson. Unknown

While Tommy is embarrassed with people flirting with his mum when he's just next to her, Marise is looking for her husband to have the first dance.
[Image: 0cZtJJg.jpg]
That's not the time to tidy up yet Jamal ! You've got to have your first dance as husband and wife !

Yaguel can finally dance with Loan !  Dance3 Her aunt Gracie Riffin seems to totally have forgotten nobody is watching her son at home...[Image: hkb3Xma.jpg]
Irina is not happy about passing out behind some bushes earlier, so she's complaining with Damaris Bedlington, who just started drinking again after the birth of her son. "It's exhaustion ! We're not drunk yet !" Yeah, yeah, that's what one says...


While her husband couldn't hold back his emotions during the ceremony, Monia Dolan acted more composed. But I could see she's actually as sensitive as him...[Image: FPMeSPD.jpg]
She couldn't help herself after congratulating Jamal, and hid to cry so nobody could see her !

Toma Cornet arrived late at the wedding, and she was Etienne Vadelle's date. She was beautiful and he's only got eyes for her !
[Image: zlqHRmf.jpg]
They really good friends, but rest assured I'm gonna keep an eye on them Wink
Lovely wedding party!  Heart 
That is an irritating glitch, isn't it? Drives me nuts whenever I host weddings, half the guests are still clapping long after the party's over  Rolleyes

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