[TS3] Margaloosa sim-stories
So, I say to everyone that I don't have any resolutions for 2019, but I actually lie a bit. I want to read more books, and I also want to post my stories again !

So here we are !! Kattemad_01

[Image: wjf1IJf.jpg]

Margaloosa is my save of Appaloosa Plains. I'm not a builder or a decorator, so it hasn't changed much actually, except for the sims living here.
I've got this save since a long time now, so a lot of premades are dead.
It took me a while to learn how to set Story Progression, so I've got fairies, vampires and others everywhere. MG_37

Meh, this save is messy but I love it. You'll love it too   Playboy
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