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4t3 Get Famous EP - Swan Bathroom

No, I didn’t finish converting TS4GF objects yet (so many seating to do. So many), but at least I can give you guys the Swan Bathroom. All functional and in their proper categories in Room Sort and Function Sort (the towel rack is on Sculptures instead of Misc. Deco for ease of browsing). The recolorable channels are shown on the preview pic above.

All of the items are functional, but since I cloned the corner shower for this one, the door opening animation is a bit wonky. It works perfectly despite that. The prices are on the expensive side, but that’s how they were on TS4, so, no surprises here. Tub and sinks have working slots.

Tub: $2285
Shower: $1500
Sink: $900
Toilet: $5000 (blame EA for that!)
Towel rack: $405

DOWNLOAD (package, SFS)
DOWNLOAD (package, Dropbox)
I didn’t know that I needed a gold toilet, but I do now Heart great conversion!

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