[TS4] Bunny's Country Comeback - 3rd Aug 2019
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Bunny: This is it, Dusty-Rose! Our new home!

Dusty-Rose looked skeptical, then again, the little dog always looked confused; it was what endeared her to Bunny in the first place. Bunny sighed as she took in the 50s style cottage. At forty, this was not where she imagined her career would be.

Bunny: I know, I know, but maybe this’ll be momma’s big break! They say stars are born in Del Sol Valley.

Dusty-Rose didn’t look convinced.

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Once she had settled Dusty-Rose into their new home, Bunny went to her gig at the local bar. It had taken a lot for her to convince the manager that the once up and coming, now washed up country singer would go over well with the patrons (”people don’t want to listen to warbling about divorce, dead dogs and wagons, lady!”), but if Bunny was anything, it was persuasive. The bar was empty, but she knew that they would come eventually.

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And they did. Slowly, but surely, patrons would stop to listen to her sing. Perhaps, they thought that she was being ironic, or perhaps Bunny reminded them of a simpler time when singers didn’t wear earrings in their ponytails and sing about vaginal pressure, whatever it was, she was bringing in the customers and the manager couldn’t be happier.

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Bunny: Coming home to your lil face makes everything better!

Dusty-Rose agreed.

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After living on bar food as she settled into her new gig, Bunny felt that it was time to hit the gym. Luckily, the local celebrities hadn’t arrived yet, so the gym was nice and quiet.

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Another woman got on the machine next to Bunny. Bunny took in her unicorn pastel hair and matching leggings.
Bunny: Ma’am, you look fabulous! I’m Bunny, I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure before?
Her name was Maris and it transpired that she had just joined the gym, but would much rather be in the bar next door (Bunny’s workplace). Bunny thought that this was an excellent idea.

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A few drinks later and the new friends stumbled out of the bar, cackling like banshees.

Bunny: …and I said, y’all, I can’t open for Judy Bunch’s gig! She stole my songs and made a heap off my back! And could you believe, it was in the news the next day?
Maris: No way! Seriously?

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That was a good start! Good luck Bunny, you can do it!  Heart

Thanks, Missy Smile She's great fun to play!

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Bunny’s name was getting out there. This was apparent on one occasion when the Geek Festival was rained off, so she decided to play for the disheartened crowds, much to their delight. Dusty-Rose wasn’t so pleased as she wanted to go home to her nice, dry sofa.

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After the performance came the autograph requests and Bunny was only too happy to oblige.

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When she was swarmed by paparazzi and fans in her workplace, she knew that it was time to consider how to go forward

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As the paparazzi and fanfare died down, Bunny caught her breath and took a seat at the bar.

Bunny: Young man, are those for decoration so ladies like me don’t bother you, or are you truly listening to music?
Dustin: Decoration, ma’am. You soon learn ways of coping in this town. Plus, I would never complain about a lady such as yourself bothering me, Miss Bunny.
Bunny: Another odd thing about this town is that y’all so much as breath, people know your name. You must be Dustin! I certainly hope your reputation is false.

Dustin smiled.

Dustin: Why don’t you find out?

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Dustin, it turned out, had a lot in common with Bunny, right down to their impoverished childhoods, a love of deep-fried pancakes and dislike for Judy Bunch.

Bunny: I don’t usually do this, honey, but this isn’t exactly the best place for a private conversation. Why don’t we hop in a cab and head back to mine?
Dustin: That’s a good idea if I ever heard one.

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Bunny: Oh, honey! I’m a seasoned veteran and that’s the oldest trick in the book!
Dustin: I don’t see you moving away.
Bunny: And why would I do a silly thing like that?

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Bunny wasn’t sure how it would go down, but when she kissed Dustin, he reciprocated, before stopping suddenly.

Dustin: …do you want do do this?
Bunny: I’m a forty year old woman, I think I can be trusted to know my own mind, honey.

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Dustin: How…how did you do that?
Bunny: That’d be telling. You’ll need to stick around until the morning and I’ll show you something else.
Dustin: Stick around until morning? I’ll come back every day if I have to!
Bunny: Easy there!

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Nice one, Bunny Mosking These two make a wonderful pair!

Oh bunny, how we love you!
She's a wonderful character Alex !! I really like her and can't wait to find more about her !
Thanks everyone Smile belated Bunny post coming up! I'm so sorry for disappearing like that.

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Bunny: I see you’ve found your way to the kitchen. Help yourself to some pancakes! You’ll need to keep your strength up.

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The atmosphere was thicker than a stack of deep-fried pancakes, but Bunny was quietly amused as she caught Dustin eyeing up her hair, trying to figure out what was different.
Bunny: Honey, you didn’t honestly think that it was real, did you? Somewhere out there are give, rather bald horses that I need to give my thanks to.

Dustin’s face turned a delicate shade of green.

Bunny: I’m pulling your leg, it’s from a jail in Apaloosa Plains.

Dustin choked.
Bunny: Honey, you’ll believe anything! It’s all ethically sourced, but it doesn’t come out my head, that much is true.

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Patience is a virtue. Bunny believed that virtues were an outdated concept created to stop people from having fun. Dustin seemed to agree.

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Encouraged by the rapid success of her bar and club gigs, Bunny got to work on releasing some tracks into the world. Apparently Simify was the place to go and Bunny nervously hit send and crossed her fingers as her music went out there into the world.

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Bunny knew that it could take a some time to get recognised, so she kept up with her regular gigs, often meeting her friends beforehand.

Bunny: Lord above, that’s a haircut and a half!
Venessa: You don’t like it? Ugh, my agent told me to do it…he said that edginess sells!
Bunny: Oh honey, it looks beautiful on you, but it’s certainly a statement!
Venessa: You think?
Bunny: I like some big hair myself honey. The higher the hair, the closer to Willie Nelson, but short hair does look good on you!
Venessa: Wait…is he dead?
Venessa: Oh gracious, no! He’s just stoned.

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Bunny played into the night. Her regulars were starting to request particular songs, so she took advantage of that and slipped in a few not so subtle product placements for her Simify account.

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Dustin: So…come here often?
Bunny: Don’t take this the wrong way, darlin’, but I’m gonna need you to shut your goddamn mouth right about now.

Bunny: We’re in my damn bedroom! What do you think the answer is?

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Bunny's such a character. Poor Dustin doesn't stand a chance, although admittedly I don't see him complaining  Tongue

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