[TS4] Rachel's Megahood WIP
Hey all, I'm back!  Big Grin 

As some of you may know from Discord, I've been reinterpreting the TS2 neighbourhoods in TS4 for a couple of weeks and so far it's been great fun. I say reinterpreting because this is more of a sim-nostalgia mashup instead of a faithful recreation and there are a couple of TS1 sims or sims that are canonically dead in the TS2 timeline thrown in there too. I'm also trying to maintain the TS4 style of each neighbourhood so for the most part I'm not copying the houses from TS2 (especially when TS4 has so much more to offer in terms of building that building blocky houses would be a waste) but rather redecorating existing houses to match the characters and building new lots inspired by the originals.

I've always been a realism player so for the first time I'm letting myself run wild and explore all the weird stuff the game has to offer. This includes aliens, vampires and whatever else and I'm really excited about doing something new. For the first time in the franchise I'd actually be excited for a Supernatural expansion!

My neighbourhoods are renamed as follows:

Willow Creek = Pleasantview
Oasis Springs = Strangetown
Newcrest = Sim State University (it's me, I need a Uni)
Windenburg = Veronaville
Brindleton Bay = Riverblossom Hills
San Myshuno = Downtown
Forgotten Hollow = Old Town

So now the preamble is out of the way, let's see some pics!
The Brokes

The Brokes were always one of my fave families from TS2. I loved trying to fix their situation and turn their fortunes around.

The Brokes live in a small house on Railrow Row, a street that's notoriously plagued with seismic activity (more on that in a later post). As such, many of the buildings are old and cracked but inexpensive.

[Image: jHM6uW5.jpg]

RIP Skip

[Image: J5IARAs.jpg]

Things have been hard since Skip died. Brandi would love to be able to afford the finer things in life but at least she has a roof over her head and somewhere to raise her two sons. At least she only has two children to raise on her non-existent salary. Yup. Just two. 

[Image: ajAjHqF.jpg]


[Image: iFkEPaQ.jpg]

...and Beau (who looks like he's pitching a killer marketing idea in this pic)

[Image: DgDNutn.jpg]

Some more pics of their house:

[Image: DQAFjB6.jpg]

[Image: qpvkPad.jpg]

[Image: rSD9hOG.jpg]

[Image: qvUeM2E.jpg]

[Image: hu12TwV.jpg]

Sneak peek of their neighbourhood:

[Image: CWwTJdW.jpg]
You've really got the Brokes down perfectly Big Grin I love how dingy and sad their house looks too.

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Oh boy, I love everything about this! I should really really try recreating families from other Simgames for TS4! I am always getting so damn excited, when someone does. In your case it's doing so well, I am amazed!
Thanks guys!

Tito, you should definitely do it, I'm having so much fun.

Up next is the Dreamers. Again, I didn't recreate their house but interpreted an existing one.

[Image: Ank45oZ.jpg]

The Dreamers have never had much money so they were especially happy to be able to afford this old house in one of the better neighbourhoods. It needed a lot of work but they had planned to fix it up together. But then Darleen perished in a fire at her workplace (probably, who knows)

[Image: rsOtUo5.jpg]

So the house remains in it's semi-dilapidated state, furnished with thrift market finds and hand-me-downs from Darleen's parents.

[Image: xDtnWr5.jpg]

[Image: 2KUz8rT.jpg]

Dirk is happy because the house is right across the street from his girlfriend Lilith. When they're not hanging out in person, they play online games together.

[Image: uVXUDes.jpg]

[Image: 9PeJ0Uz.jpg]

Darren just about makes enough money from his paintings to cover the bills. He's hoping that one day he'll be discovered by a prestigious art dealer and will finally have enough money to complete their dream home.

[Image: CWk5bsY.jpg]

He still thinks about Darlene a lot but recently he's had another woman on his mind...

(oh my god who could it be??!!)

Who would you like to see next? I'm still working on some of the houses for Strangetown but all of the Pleasantview families are done.
Poor Darren. It looks like once upon a time, that headboard was absolutely slammed against the wall and now, alas, he's a widower Sad

You've recreated them really well! I love the Pleasantview families Smile

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Oh gosh I love them!
Looooooool Alex xDDD
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