Sims 3 Music Replacement
Hi all,

I'm curious to know if anyone's been able to find Jerry Martin's work for the Sims 2.

I was able to find two songs:

Blind Optimism:
Upper Crust:

But I read on Snooty Sims that there were possibly at least four:
Quote:I made two more awesome discoveries. There is a online resource on Will Wright that has picture of the beta version of Neighborhood #1. Sadly, It is really tiny and blurry. Oh, and Jerry Martin (The composer for The Sims.) composed some music for The Sims 2, that was unused. Four tracks but, I could only find two.

[/url]I'm also thinking of doing a replacement of the main theme + neighborhood soundtracks (CAS, Build & Buy might come later on if I can ever muster the effort), so I'm looking for help to put a general playlist together to replace the 17 map songs + loading screen song.

I think the general feeling of the songs should compliment Jerry Martin’s unfinished soundtrack (a bit quirky, somewhat intimate yet sometimes sweeping, orchestral + piano), but I’m open to anything!

Other Tracks Found (So Far)
I can't be much help unfortunately, but I really like this idea and wish you the best with it!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Thanks! Do you know any good soundtracks I should listen to?
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