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I am going to edit this post as long as I will post things. (I especially want to do a summary, thanks hafuhga for the idea !)
My main thing with TS3 is playing, because I’m a super lazy builder/CASer.
So you’ll mainly see backstories about the sims I play here (which are the more often premades, pudding faces generated by the game, or just downloaded sims from my friends here on the forum).

The main world I am playing in is Appaloosa Plains. I wanted to try out pets, and never really left. I was playing with the Riffin family, and didn’t know the existence of mods back then.
When I discovered it, I had already started the second generation.
The town was a mess. No mods means that :
- half of the population was supernatural
- which leads to some of the premades still in their young years (hi, fairys and vampires !) while most of the others are long time dead
- sims were sometimes dating persons much more older than they were supposed to (it was weird for a young adult to date a reaaaally old lady)
- and the reason why there’s still some pudding faces across the town (I try to tweak a bit their faces, when I have some motivation, but I told you about my low skills in CAS and laziness already. So you’re warned.).

I usually keep what the game and Nraas Story Progression are deciding, as it add more fun and unexpected things to my game, so Margaloosa Plains is still a mess Big Grin

I also play a lot with St Claire. But I will talk about that later.
lol I love your intro to this thread, Margot! I'mma sit right here with some popcorn and wait for updates. Wink

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Thanks Webby ^^. I hope I'm not disappointing you !

Those who were reading my story might remember the sims I am introducing now.

Maisy Riffin - Margaloosa Plains

[Image: vAMpfS4.jpg]

Maisy Riffin (formerly Maisy Miller) is a premade from Apaloosa Plain (see her premade bio here).
“Maisy Miller is the town's teen sweetheart. Trusted by her parents and loved by her teachers, everyone assumes she can do no wrong. That surface innocence has bought her plenty of freedom the normal teen might not enjoy. With her eyes set on Cruz, the cute boy across town, what sort of trouble might she actually find herself in?”
Traits :
never nude
commitment issues
party animal

Personal situation : Witch
only child
family mother

Lifetime wish : Zombie Master

Career : She used to be a quite famous musician. Now she owns and runs the theater in town.

She was a young adult when Calvin Riffin (who I was playing with), her neighbor when she was young, started to show some interest in her. She was dating Ethan Parrott at that time, but she left him for Calvin. Although she has the commitment issues trait, Calvin was the love of her life and she married him. She moved to his house, but they all moved out when she gave birth to their first child, Hailey. They chose a family house, with lot of bedrooms, for a lot of children. Tommy, and the triplets Carole, Vanessa and Yaguel are following. But Calvin dies when the triplets are 13.
Maisy always tried to be a good mum, especially after her husband death. It was hard, but she focused on her family, and her husband's siblings were incredibly supportive.

[Image: py3UvFb.png]

She's an amazing cook, but it was her husband who was a professional. They shared that passion together. She still loves cooking for her family.

[Image: nrs2OAC.jpg]

Maisy discovered late in her teenagehood that she had magic powers. (of course, it comes from the time where I had no mods, so it's all EA random progression fault). She uses her vacuum more than her car, and put a spell on everything (or everyone) who deserves it in her opinion.

[Image: DIKPDIc.jpg]

She’s a party animal, and has a successful music career, so let’s say that she and her children have not the classic way of life (although she took a break in her career once she gave birth to Tommy, and then the triplets). She loooooves dancing beyond anything.

[Image: JK2Eovm.jpg]

Even in her underwear when she's a bit drunk (but never naked : she has the never nude trait).

[Image: yQcvS1p.jpg]

And of course, she loves to drink.

[Image: 6Thgmv6.jpg]

She even tried to learn mixology, but it didn't went well. So she sticks to buying drinks at the bar.

[Image: wmy3Okf.jpg]

She's always up for having fun. Even if she sometimes trolls her daughters birthday party without realizing that letting teenagers alone is all they want.

[Image: X000SR1.jpg]

She loves to know about the love life of her children, so she tries to spy on them. I realize while looking at all the screenshots I have of her that she does that quite often.  Laugh1

[Image: dwmsxYp.jpg]

But sometimes being a mother is not funny. She argues with her daughters, or has to arbitrate fights between the triplets. Being a mum of five is not always smooth.

[Image: rCrnBDc.jpg]

But she wasn’t doing too badly, and now that her children are nearly adult (the triplets are 16), she starts to wondering if she will not feel alone when the house will be empty. For now, she's counting her money because Tommy is moving in St Claire for university, so she wants to invest in a house. I guess it's because she has the frugal trait, because there's no need to worry as she's one of the wealthiest sim in Margaloosa.

[Image: LlvHxSL.jpg]
I'm so happy to see your sims thread back again Smile Maisy has certainly had an eventful life!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
So happy to see your sims again, too! So happy to see your sims again, too!  Heart
How did she survive triplets???? Oh wait - the drinking. [Image: girl_wink.gif]

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Lol. I loved witches also very much! I loved big households too.... I let the kids age age at the same time... and hat more then once 6 toddlers!!! Big Grin
(08-07-2018, 01:24 PM)Margot Wrote: - and the reason why there’s still some pudding faces across the town (I try to twerk a bit their faces, when I have some motivation, but I told you about my low skills in CAS and laziness already. So you’re warned.).

Oh my you twerk in their faces Tongue   (I know you meant tweak but the mental image was too funny, please don't mind me)

[Image: Twerking-Fire-Fail_0.gif]

(and it brought this to mind, which totally seems like something that would happen in sims)

I'm so happy to see more of your sims again, I adore them all!
I'm deceased Lol

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