Marcie's Adventures In Medieval Building
Tonight's build is, in theory, the solar for a Anglo-Saxon king and his wife. (This is the setting for the opening of my story, which is currently languishing in a Google doc.)

Here's the obligatory personal altar to the Watcher. Yes, the saint statue is much more Gothic, but I looooooove it. 

I like how you've been able to combine different things to make the altar Smile It looks really authentic.

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Three chess tables, right? Really cool! I'm thinking this is ts3 but still don't know for sure because I never played ts3 mediaval!
Actually it's all TSM to TS3 conversions--one 3-tile dining table, 3 OMSPs, and...uh....a lot of click-counting!

Here's the king's bed. The youngest child sleeps nearby.
It really reminds me of the bedroom setup in TSM Smile

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
I decided I needed to a) redo the solar (much too big, everyone was rattling around like peas in a can) and b) provide myself with some schematics.


A: Wulf Hall (three guesses what my favorite Tudor fiction series is), the seat of the Royal House of Wulfing.
B: The kitchen, which probably needs a makeover. 
C: Oops, I have 2 C's. The C immediately after "B" is supposed to be the storeroom.
D: The antechamber, where the servants enter and the unwanted guests can swelter next to the braziers while the door lets in an awful draft or two.
E: The dairy, where cheese and milk and other fun dairy-type things are made.
F: The buttery, where all the cold stuff is kept. 
G: The screens passage.
H: The great hall, where King Wulfstan's retainers (at least, the ones who don't have halls of their own) feast and sleep and generally hang around hoping to win notice and favor.
I: The dais, where King Wulfstan, Lady Hild, and important guests dine.
J: The dais passage.
K: The children's bedroom, which is also where the nursemaid sleeps.
L: The solar, where King Wulfstan, Lady Hild, and whatever baby is still not weaned sleep. 
M: The workroom, where the hall's weaving, spinning, sewing, and other not-messy labor is taken out.
"Rattling around like peas in a can" lololol

Looks nice so far!
Ooh, this layout is interesting! I know homes (including great manors) were laid out differently in the middle ages, but I've always had trouble visualizing the things I've read (the importance of the great hall, the existence of solars, the types of kitchen and food-storage facilities that existed at the time) into an actual image in my mind. Did you draw inspiration from any real-life sources?
I actually elaborated on a few Wiki articles I found! Here, have a look!

I've been toying with making it a two-story layout, but I'm not so good with roofs.
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