Hi there!
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Hello everyone! 
Some of you may know me from tumblr, and some older users may remember me from Garden of Shadows (I went by nicknames thera and Miss Discordia there). 
I'm 24 year old girl from Poland who is absolutely obsessed with TS3 and legacies of all kind. I can't even count how many legacy stories I follow now. Big Grin
I used to play TS2 ever since I was 11 but one time when my computer broke I decided maybe it's a good opportunity to switch to TS3. I loved TS3 but some years later my PC broke again. I wanted to switch to TS4 but... To be honest, I hated it! Am I the only one? 
I guess I'll forever be a TS3 player Smile
Welcome to the forum Smile You're definitely not alone in your dislike for TS4, I would probably say that most people here play TS3 primarily, although some of us play TS3 and TS4, so there's a good variety! TS3 is special though.

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Hello, create-a-sim Smile Welcome to Pixelated Puddings!

I don't mind looking at TS4 screenshots, but I have no desire to buy it and try it out. Sims 3, with all its glitches is just the best for me lol. Actually, it runs great on my PC so I have no complaints whatsoever Big Grin
Hi ! I don't play TS4 at all either (never even tried it actually...) So you're not alone !
Hahah, I love how this turns already in a Sims 3 fans reunion! Count me in! I do play Sims 4 too, but nothing can beat Sims 3 in my heart! (well, my computer can eventually beat Sims 3 to death someday... My game gets pretty hard to play... That's another story!) Welcome!
Hey, Create-A-Sim!  Big Grin Heart
TS3 FOREVER!!! [Image: muahah.gif]

*chuckles* Sims3 was actually the first sims game I played, and in the end, I think I'm glad this is the case. Half of my fun and why it became so addictive for me is playing with patterns... which is sadly not possible with TS2 or TS4. For the open world and for patterns, TS3 will I think forever be my favorite.

I actually own TS2 ultimate and do want to try it out someday. TS4... maybe when all the EP's are 90% off or something? [Image: eviltongue.gif]
Actually, having played a bit with TS4 AND TS3, I don't miss patterns or Create-a-Style nearly as much as I thought I would. I DO miss the open world... TS4's tiny, tiny worlds were the most disappointing part of the game.

If you were originally on GoS, you've been around for quite a long time! (Especially by current community standards!) Welcome, I hope you'll find yourself comfortable and at home here!
Welcome Smile I'm maraja06 on tumblr... still played mostly with ts4 but still miss ts3... I loved the very different and open worlds and still have some very old wip and so new ones... and play sometimes ts2 ... becausese I got the ultimate collection too so... why not?
Hi there! I know we chat occasionally on Tumblr ^^ I'm glad you've joined us here too! I always enjoy your games. I'm also primarily ts3 (but you know that ;D) so I'm always happy when more join our ranks!
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