Missy's Medieval Mastery
So I recently got back into Sims Medieval again. I love this game so much; I feel it never got the appreciation or love it deserved. I installed it on the new laptop and started up a new game, this time with screenshots!

Here's Prince John upon the throne. He's something of a fool with little to no common sense and not very well liked by his people.
[Image: 1kLWaUz.jpg]

The Sheriff of Rottingham is the local knight in Loxley. Vain but another fool.
[Image: i8cPkJA.jpg]

Robin of Loxley is the local bard, man in tights and saviour of the people! 
[Image: L6tVSSa.jpg]

Latrine, the hideous creature from the tower. Witch, creative cook (although her dinners are reminiscent of a dinner at Vincent Price's house) and harbouring a not-so-secret crush of the Sheriff, Latrine usually keeps to herself in her tower on the clifftop.
[Image: U98NPT6.jpg]

I love this game to bits though. I just wish they'd put horses, jousting and archery in before ending support for it!  Heart

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