[ALL] Inspiration Thread: Restaurants
Restaurants can be tricky to make look realistic in the Sims. I know I often struggle to get the interiors looking realistic, as well as routable and the exteriors frequently don't look like restaurants. So as I'm about to be building some in Sims 2, I thought a thread with inspiration pictures for both interiors and exteriors might be useful!


[Image: 60W09sh.jpg]

[Image: YMcqnb0.jpg]


[Image: OrHKPlG.jpg?1]

[Image: zEwvsLi.jpg]

[Image: WGvX7nO.jpg]

Oooooh I must say I quite like that ! The pictures show very interesting ideas !

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Quite good, aren't they?

I've just used this one for a restaurant in Sims 2:

[Image: U9kVubY.jpg?1]

And this was the WIP result:
[Image: tyiv3fH.png]

Nice work! Yes, restaurants are awful, if you place many tables and chairs to make it look realistic you need a huge lot to allow good routing Sad

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