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One of the best things about Sims 3 has been the Create A World tool. Numerous talented creators have made use of the tool to create some incredible worlds and share them for the community to enjoy. There are so many to choose from that new simmers can feel overwhelmed when they first start shopping for a new world to play in.

So I thought it could be handy if the members here could recommend worlds they've used and played in for others to download. I'll update the list and organise them due to world size, and include some details about the world to give any of you an indication of what to expect.

Recommended Worlds
  • Aurora Snows, by Sigmund Sims. A fixed version of the Store's Aurora Skies with updated lots to include items from other EPs. Very nicely done.
  • DIY Howell Island, by bakafox. Small island with a spooky atmosphere and rich in detail. Lots of effects make it so you never know what might be lurking.
  • Bleake Island, by SimmyRN. Medium world but a small landmass. Very icy and very tiny. The world has a unique feel and a rich background with amazingly small lots.
  • Cladbridge-On-Stowe, by doublemedion694. Small farming village in the English countryside. Also has a populated save game.
  • Cronor, by Crowkeeper and Norn. An incredibly detailed, unique sci-fi style world heavy on scientific discoveries. Unique feel and backstory.
  • Enekjaer Island, by FagerSims. A lovely, beautifully detailed island with ports, dive lots and houseboats. Also includes a hidden island. Ideal for anyone wanting to play with Island Paradise but on a smaller map.
  • Northeney, by Norn. A roadless world on a medium map, with a save game for a populated version.
  • Saturenorn, by Satureja13, simblu and Norn. A very icy, colourful world, making excellent use of items from Lunar Lakes.
  • Barcelona, by Nilxis. On a large map, Barcelona is flagged as a city (like Bridgeport) and has a large number of highly detailed lots. Definitely worth a good look if you're wanting a European city world.
  • Crumpleton Village, by Cinderellimouse. There are actually four versions of this British village, ranging from a light version with minimal store content to a heavier version with lots of Store content. Diverse landscaping, sleepy village feel. Designed to work with Zerbu's Ultimate Careers mod, although not required.
  • Derielle, by Simsimillian. Adaptation of Twinbrook with plenty of areas suitable for boating.
  • Dronningslund, by FagerSims. A mixture of Danish and European towns. Includes a savefile for a fully populated version.
  • Entworld, by suumsims. CC and Store content free. Entworld features a high level of attention to detail on a large map.
  • Glendalough, by Neurobotics. Slightly rundown and with a spooky feel. It was built pre-Supernatural but is easy to update to include these.
  • Lago Simiore, by Norn and Simszoo-Team. Very beautiful, Mediterranean world with stunning scenery  and highly detailed buildings.
  • Praaven, by jje100 and others. Ideal for medieval gameplay, Praaven is set in 14th century Europe and has a detailed back story. Excellent attention to detail and historical correctness.
  • Saaqartog, by Nilxis. On a large map but the town seems nice and small. A coastal town on Greenland's southwestern coast.
  • St Claire, by Awesims. A large world with three distinct districts.
  • Three Lakes, by SimValera. A simple TS2 remake of Three Lakes.
  • Twikki Island, by Rflong7/13. A Sims 2 remake of Twikki Island.
  • Vendon, by vendela. Another large world but built for performance. Includes a save game.
  • Woeford, by simsmidgen and Norn. A medium-to-large world with a distinct atmosphere and run-down buildings.

I prefer smaller maps since they have better performance and I have many script Mods running.
Pictures and links to the Worlds I am using can be found here: https://snowshaven.space/worlds/
Thank you for the link! I've added each of those worlds to the listing  Good2

Lovely thread! I had made a similar one at the "old" forum but never rebuilt it here. So I'll just add what I can still find of that thread and add links to my tumblr posts for more information:

Entworld, by Suum-Sims

DIY Howell Island, by bakafox

Praaven, by jje100 and others

Glendalough, by neurorobotics

Bleake Island, by SimmyRN

And a bit of self promotion  Big Grin

Lago Simiore, by Norn and Simszoo-Team

Saturenorn, by Satureja13, simblu and Norn

Cronor, by Crowkeeper and Norn

Find Norn at tumblr Simszoo
Find Norn's Downloads

Thanks, Norn! Nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion anyway. Your worlds are incredible and unique  Heart

I just spend all of my time on Enekjaer, although a trip to Dronningslund is sometimes nice.

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Thank you! I've update the list. We're getting quite an extensive list here!  Dance4

Thanks Missy !!

I often play in St Claire, and lately I visited Cladbridge-on-Stowe which is beautiful.

The Genuine Frenchwoman. God saves the bears bear
Added both, thanks Margot!  Heart

What an exciting list! I will sort through my folder when I'm back home and see which other worlds I enjoyed playing.

Find Norn at tumblr Simszoo
Find Norn's Downloads

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