[TS3] TS3 CC Finds
Job Overhaul -- Interviews And More!

[Image: MSoc0yH.jpg]

Now your sims have to attend interviews for job!

Download at Mod The Sims


Deep Conversations

[Image: zpQQDos.jpg]

Deeper, more meaningful conversations between your sims!

Download at Mod the Sims
I'm really looking forward to trying both of these Smile Great finds!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
The Job Overhaul is brilliant. It adds a lot and some of the comments during their interviews are hilarious. Haven't tried to Deep conversation one yet. I've installed it but I was in Edit In Game in CAW all yesterday so I haven't played with it yet.

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