[TS3] Ralton-On-Sea
New CAW project incoming!

Lately I've been wanting to play in a nice, quiet English coastal town. So in typical Missy fashion, I've given myself a thousandth project and I'm building it myself.

The world is on a medium map, since I don't need a huge world to work on. I've made a start in the harbour and have a few screenshots to share. These are taken in CAW so the quality is not amazing but it's the best you'll get for now  Wink 

[Image: PTEEyhl.jpg]

[Image: uK8Gnh5.jpg]

[Image: VmxABI2.jpg]

[Image: COa3gTS.jpg]

[Image: 8Na8rgA.jpg]

[Image: 9GsO2pW.jpg]

It looks so nice already !! I am just finishing my week of holiday, but you make me want to have another one and go to the coast

Big Grin I reeally like how you did the port.
Okay, this is gorgeous!!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Aww, I love it! I can just hear the seagulls calling already, and I'm sure it will be even more stunning once you get around to adding detail.
Margot, thank you! I'm basing the town loosely on several Cornish fishing villages, close to where I live, so I'm hoping to get some authenticity there.
Alex, thanks! I'm trying to work on a small section at a time, finish it then move on to the next. I'd like to keep the look and feel fairly consistent throughout the town.
Spoons, thank you! I've got a small handful of spawners and effects in place already but I plan to take the entire world into Super Caw when I've finished the sculpting/painting/building elements of the town. Then I can add further effects and details to make the whole town come alive.

On that subject, I have several details to add still to the harbour but I wanted to add a little something of the backstory to the town. For that, I'm starting some work over in Westward Cove, along the west coast of Ralton-on-Sea.
This is the beach part of the Cove, looking over towards the harbour in the background.
[Image: p3ORBsG.jpg]

The cave on the beach has a hidden tomb underneath where Captain Francis 'Flintlock' Cutlass hid his contraband in while he had an active smuggling route through Ralton.
[Image: WU4qlSV.jpg]

Out in the bay of Westward Cove, there's a dive lot containing the shipwrecks from the old smuggling days.
[Image: mYKIW9k.jpg]

[Image: N0iDjuF.jpg]

[Image: p3rCyFC.jpg]

[Image: PwNoBNr.jpg]

[Image: ay11nT6.jpg]

Looking great Smile I love that you're adding dive lots too, they're so much fun to visit.

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Thanks, Alex! I love them too, they're gorgeous to visit and a lot of fun to build!  Heart
Update time! I've been working on Ralton a bit more this weekend and the harbour is more or less done. There's probably going to be a few more small details to add at a later date, probably in SuperCAW. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome, of course   Smile
I added some more details along the harbour. Again, this is very loosely based on Mevagissey, where there is car parking right along the harbour wall. I don't think I'd fancy parking my car there but each to their own  Big Grin
[Image: 8TBM0d8.jpg?1]
These are designed to be apartments along the harbour. Once again, like the cottages, these will be largely NPC housing, with one functional unit. I'm aiming to cut down on overall NPC routing issues by having several areas with NPC housing. Like Bridgeport but without the elevators. Since the buildings on the waterfront will be shops, with cash registers, I'm hoping the cashiers will actually reside in these buildings and not have too far to go for work. Of course, this is Sims 3 so time will tell Confusedmiley:
[Image: uDfcLzN.jpg?1]
Ralton Yacht Club. Currently only a shell, since my community lots are often CC heavy and I don't want any more CC than strictly necessary in here before I export. This building's exterior is based on the Royal Yacht Club in Falmouth.
[Image: d15e93C.jpg?1]
Some shots of the harbour now the building shells are all present.
[Image: 9ikFZ5G.jpg?1]
[Image: 2N3WLYL.jpg?1]
This is the path going up to Ralton Castle. The castle isn't there yet but will actually be the ruins of the castle when I'm ready to build it. The main reason I haven't yet is because this is going to be an actual tomb and I've only just finished building one in Westward Cove and I needed a little break first.
[Image: JwKZztW.jpg?1]
An overhead shot of the harbour. This was actually taken yesterday, before I finished painting the terrain at the back.
[Image: PSpTYQP.jpg?2]
Whereas this was taken just now. Westward Cove is in the top right corner of the image. None of the buildings are there yet but there is a tomb hidden up there and there's a dive lot in the bay. The beach near the harbour won't have a lot on there because it was deemed too close to the castle for smugglers to work there. There is going to be another dive lot in that bay too.
[Image: kfOuTvn.jpg?1]

I love the dock area. I know I say this a lot, but I'm loving seeing a world that looks so familiar instead of the usual US style worlds Smile I really like the mix of older buildings and more modern apartments!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
I love what you've done Missy, it does really look great ! I am a huge fan of the harbour.
I love seeing how the town is shaping up! I also love that you're showing us how you focus on one area at a time, which makes it easier for me to see the progress and how that builds up over time.

I also second Alex that it's nice to see a real dive lot being made for a world. A lot of world creators (especially now) seem to skip that step, so it gives me fond fuzzy memories to see that again.
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