[ALL] [Feb 19] What are you doing with your game?
Okay, let's get this show on the road...the Christmas blues should be well gone by now  bear

After a long and hellish redo of my TS3 CC folder, i've been playing a lot of TS3 recently! Crash-free too! Okay, I had to redress and refurnish most of my Enekjaer save (which also got a reboot), but it's so worth it  Heart

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*ahem* That got that moment of madness out of my system.
I've got a new CAW project  Big Grin  I'm going for a close-knit English coastal community, inspired largely by the Cornish towns and villages along the south coast but also loosely by other south-coast towns. The feel though is to be very British, with a pirate/smuggling history. I'll get some CAW screenshots and post them up, probably tomorrow or the day after. 

Outside CAW, I've got a big University redo project in the works. This is including lots of building, screenshots of which I'll also post soon  Big Grin

Ohhh that sounds great, Missy! I love it when simmers play UK/European style towns Smile You're really creative with your builds and worlds.

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Thank you! I found a great Tumblr resource for British CC so I'm looking forward to fully building and decorating this one. I've made a start on the buildings in CAW but just shells. I'm going to wait and decorate/furnish in game, after it's exported. Finally, I should get a CAW project with no CC issues!  Tatice_06 

This morning though, I have some opportunities to test. They've been particularly stubborn and I'm at the hair pulling stage!

Oooh that sounds promising Big Grin ! What's their link?

I'm trying to decide what to do in TS3. I love my Enekjaer save, but I feel like a change of scenery.

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They're found here. There's some fairly excellent stuff documented there for British-themed towns. That, plus Google Maps over some of the Cornish fishing villages, are proving to be fantastic resources for Ralton.

Any particular theme you're looking for in your game?

Ooh that's awesome, thanks Big Grin

Theme-wise, I'm not sure...just something fresh I guess.

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