I don't even remember what I typed here last time, so... hi? [Image: grin.gif]

I am K'tar, Ktarsims on tumblr, Ktarian on the Sims 3 site and forum, etc. Most people seem to call me Fly, which is Simplyimaginarypeople's nickname for me. I hand out my actual name only to very trusted friends. [Image: ninja.gif]

Ahhh.... hmmm. I play Sims 3 only at the moment, with probably far too much CC, own all the EP's/SP's/store content, and post gameplay photos on my tumblr. I am probably less likely to post images here because posting them here requires me to host them somewhere, which is something I only seldom find the time to do. ^^;;; [Image: sweat2.gif]

I also sometimes convert patterns from the exchange (or elsewhere) from sims3pack to package format for those who'd prefer to install patterns as package files, since this is a much more complex process than converting an item of clothing from sims3pack to package. [Image: nod.gif] I've also made tutorials to show other people how to do this themselves.

I actually own Sims 2 (including Sims 2 Ultimate digitally), but I've yet to actually try to play it... 
I also own Sims 4, but I tried it once and got really frustrated with being unable to figure out how to move the camera around, uninstalled it, and have never gone back. [Image: irked.gif](Yes, I later realized that by default there's no way to move the camera around at all... and that eventually someone made a way to have a Sims 3 camera mode, but I'm dubious about a game that they intended for you to not be able to move the camera freely.) [Image: doubt.gif] 

Once upon a time I spent a LOT of my time on forums, and formed my own collection of 'smiley' emoticons, which I still host myself for use whenever/wherever I like, which is why this post is sprinkled with a bunch of unfamiliar smileys. [Image: smug.gif]
Welcome back Big Grin I do love your fancy smilies! Converting Sims3Pack patterns is an awesome thing to do, there are so many patterns that aren't available as packages, which can be frustrating!

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Nice to meet you, Ktar! I do enjoy the ease of uploading photos to tumblr myself. I use my tumblr to post WIP's and the odd gameplay image... But this ol' gal had to go to WordPress to really blog, because I just don't get blogging as a "thing" on tumblr! LOL

I shall have to go look you up over there, however... *toddles off...
Oh look, it's Ktar! Smile *waves*

Yes, it's me, the crazy one who kept asking you to convert all those stripey patterns for me.
Or complaining about the weather, lol
I'm here too Big Grin
If it's the camera that turns you off, now there's actually an option within the TS4 game settings to just use TS3-style camera controls. Wink

As for a hosting service, I go back and forth between using Tumblr and Google Photos. Google Photos especially gives you unlimited storage space, but sharing from them can get tricky. Let me know if that ever becomes a problem, I'll probably be able to help.
The TS3 camera controls option was there from the start Tongue

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Hello there Ktar *waves*
Hey, Ktarsims! Hey hi hi everyone! I'm Nina, Ninjaofthepurplethings on Tumblr. What a shame about the forum getting exploded and everything being lost Sad But, I don't mind fresh starts.... so hello to old friends and new! I play Sims 3 only and I make and share Sims, paintings and lots. I'll set up a members gallery soonish to re-upload stuff that got lost  Tongue
Welcome back, Nina Heart

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
Hey there Ninja!
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