[ALL] [Dec 18] What are you doing with your game?
(12-09-2018, 12:32 PM)Tito Wrote: I haven't been doing anything Sims related for a while. Not only am I basically hibernating, just like always at this time of year, I also feel so bothered by all the tumblr shit and am unmotivated to post anything there, since I don't know what will happen to my blog anyways.

Yeah, I'm really not pleased. I'm not about to fight Tumblr to say "you CAN'T get rid of NSFW!", especially as this way, at least they're doing something about child pornographers abusers. At the same time, the way they chose to do it is really STUPID. Even if their algorithm wasn't so stupid, and flagging things as porn that were clearly never meant to be porn, there's also the fact that not all porn blogs are bad. There were quite a few porn-tumblrs I follow (on another account) that are actually really good at exploring sexuality in a healthy way, and promoting body positivity and owning your own sexuality.

Though maybe if their algorithm started flagging neo-nazis and skinheads as dicks, I might come around. As it is, bah humbug.

Anyway, back to Sims. Moonlight Falls is absolutely one of my favorites, and I might have to find another reason to play there. I've been making EA worlds over (most recently, I was on a Sunlit Tides kick, and made over that spa on the mountaintop into an observatory), and I think Moonlight Falls might require my attention next. I've been trying to get into the game to play, as well, but my GOD the LAG. Reminds me of why I tried out TS4 in the first place.

I might take advantage of the Origin sale to get GF and finally update my game, anyway.
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