Margot's sims
I am going to edit this post as long as I will post things. (I especially want to do a summary, thanks hafuhga for the idea !)
My main thing with TS3 is playing, because I’m a super lazy builder/CASer.
So you’ll mainly see backstories about the sims I play here (which are the more often premades, pudding faces generated by the game, or just downloaded sims from my friends here on the forum).

The main world I am playing in is Appaloosa Plains. I wanted to try out pets, and never really left. I was playing with the Riffin family, and didn’t know the existence of mods back then.
When I discovered it, I had already started the second generation.
The town was a mess. No mods means that :
- half of the population was supernatural
- which leads to some of the premades still in their young years (hi, fairys and vampires !) while most of the others are long time dead
- sims were sometimes dating persons much more older than they were supposed to (it was weird for a young adult to date a reaaaally old lady)
- and the reason why there’s still some pudding faces across the town (I try to tweak a bit their faces, when I have some motivation, but I told you about my low skills in CAS and laziness already. So you’re warned.).

I usually keep what the game and Nraas Story Progression are deciding, as it add more fun and unexpected things to my game, so Margaloosa Plains is still a mess Big Grin

I also play a lot with St Claire. But I will talk about that later.
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