[All] Sims Do the Darndest Things!
What awkward or embarrassing or otherwise blooper-ish things have you caught your sims doing in the game?

Edit: I intended this thread to be about funny things the sims do on their own, and not so much bugs in the game. Those go in the actual bloopers thread. I’m sorry my wording was confusing!

To start, a little background. My longest-running gameplay save so far has centered around Juho and Weronika, two of my favorite TS3 sims, living in St. Claire. I always started St. Claire with the unpopulated version, especially as the populated savegame always crashed due to bad interactions with my graphics settings, so I needed a quick way to populate a very sprawling world on short notice. I tend to like the SV townies best, so I used NRaas Porter to settle most of the SV population in St. Claire.

Weronika is an artsy type (I play her as a dancer using Missy's custom Dance career, though I've been working on an actual Ballet career on-again-and-off-again), so she quite immediately hit it off with Morgana Wolff when they met in the park on the fist day. Juho, on the other hand, works in law enforcement, and this puts hm in direct contact with... *dun dun dun* Justine Keaton!

This probably doesn't mean much to anyone else, but in my game, for whatever reason, Justine is the sim who wrecks marriages, including her own. In an earlier game, she made constant overtures toward another sim of mine in the police career, and eventually left her husband to shack up with him... she brought their baby with her, and I had to ragequit that save with a mixture of disgust and sadness when one day Marty came up to the house to kiss his baby son goodbye and left without another word.

And this time it was no different. Justine had a pick-up line at the ready the moment Juho got his job, and even when off-duty, was calling him on his cell at least three times a week, sometimes even sending very... inappropriate text messages. And apparently, the Keatons were friends with the Wolffs, so this made things even more awkward.

So anyway, this is what happened at the Wolff's Christmas pool party (???) when Justine got it on with Hank Goddard, who seemed to be her next favorite target whenever her advances didn't provoke the desired response in Juho:

[Image: 7QmzxWKDBKooQVlRW--Zmghwj7VVTAGBUjW-yt38...00-h800-no]
[Image: 95RVGA8Td7Wwpl4BKCg29nSuEO6HNTRwL3v0lVn4...00-h800-no]
[Image: vBymKmKBAMqNv_nCQgycBuV0vO6dCFPU3ZRaiMxE...00-h800-no]
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