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Party Missy's Musings, Mumblings and Miscellaneous Merriment Party

I used to have one of these anything-goes Sims 3 threads so here's the new one. 
One of my dozens of projects for Sims 3 is another remake of Sunset Valley. I know, I know, everybody does this. Well guess what, I'm doing it again   Tongue I've always loved the layout for Sunset Valley so I'm simply updating it to include content, traits and skills from the EPs.

There's no particular story to this (yet) so this thread's for the miscellaneous screenshots I take during my regular gameplay.

One of my first jobs was to create a pub for the town (yes, I know, I know Drinks  ) and I brought the residents over to test it out.
[Image: MZzhHyo.jpg]

[Image: TkBbxoa.jpg]

After that, naturally we needed a nightclub/casino. After all, the residents have gone ten years with no forms of nightlife so I had to do something for them, didn't I?

Jack and Judy test the facilities:
[Image: hZtl5Ou.jpg]

And we discover where the Landgraab and Alto fortunes originally came from:
[Image: uEHs5D7.jpg]

[Image: eWUryn6.jpg]

[Image: vBhCZF4.jpg]
 (I'm making the residents over as I encounter them in town through natural gameplay. This way, I'm not overwhelmed with the number of Sims to work on but I also don't have to look at their original fashion styles for too long Mosking

Then the residents enjoy the nightclub:
[Image: B3h6Z9n.jpg]

[Image: YnHJqan.jpg]

Pauline and Hank are the first two I'm working with and needless to say, I don't think their relationship will last. Pauline flirts with anything with a package:
[Image: ujIhTTj.jpg]

...such as her encounters with Gus Hart, who apparently is a bit of a whoop-de-doop merchant himself. Who'd have thought?

In the meantime...
[Image: 1GhG9Gp.jpg]

...Hank's having secret drinks at The Clover with Jamie Jolina.  Mafia

Haha this kind of thread is probably my favorite. Can't wait to see more, Sunset Valley sims are real fun !

The Genuine Frenchwoman. God saves the bears bear
Nightlife is sorted for your residents! It all looks great, but I really like the pub in particular.

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
I love having these threads  Heart I'll have some more pictures to post when the new laptop comes (hopefully tomorrow! It's in Tillburg in the Netherlands at the moment and left China about two days ago)  Moinmoin_02 Thank you both!

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