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Greetings! - MissyHissy - 12-03-2018

Hi everybody!  Heart  Lovely to see everyone again, I've missed the community so much. I'm back at last after my 2 year absence  Smile
For those that know me, it's great to see you all again. I can't describe how much I've missed you all.
For those that don't, I'm MissyHissy. I'm 24 and I've been creating careers for Sims 3 since 2012. I play Sims 2, 3, 4 and Medieval and recently found TS1 and a couple of expansions in a charity shop. If I can get it playing on Windows 10, I'll be thrilled  Smile

Lovely to see everyone!

RE: Greetings! - Hellfrozeover - 12-03-2018

Aw Missy, it's so lovely to see you again Smile How are you doing?

RE: Greetings! - MissyHissy - 12-04-2018

Not too bad, thanks. It's been a rough couple of years. Things still aren't perfect (the doctor surgery is still messing my prescription up) but we're getting there very slowly. Finally having the internet is a good start  Heart

RE: Greetings! - Tito - 12-09-2018

Aaaaaaaaaw, Missy, HI! So good to see you! And so glad to hear, that you are doing okay! Feel hugged!!

RE: Greetings! - MissyHissy - 02-23-2019

Thank you, Tito, I do feel hugged  Heart

RE: Greetings! - Margot - 02-24-2019

I'm so happy to see that you are ok Missy !!! It's so nice to have you back around here !!

RE: Greetings! - MissyHissy - 02-24-2019

Thanks Margot! I missed the community a lot, it's lovely to be back  Heart