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[TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - Tito - 11-06-2018

Title says it all, here goes my TS3 stuff, because yes,yes, I am still taking pictures in this game!


Let's start with some pictures of my well loved doll and her new lover Patchy the strawman:

[Image: tumblr_ph4mkhM0xJ1ru7j2ro1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_ph4mkhM0xJ1ru7j2ro2_1280.jpg]

RE: [TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - simmingisamust - 11-09-2018

I'm happy to see that you still take TS3 pictures.
These ones are so nice, Patchy and Doll make an interesting couple. I would love to see more of them.   Big Grin

RE: [TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - Hellfrozeover - 11-09-2018

I love these too Smile Finally Doll gets someone special <3

RE: [TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - spoonsthings - 11-10-2018

Getting serious Jack-and-Sally vibes! I seriously d'awwed at them embracing.

RE: [TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - Margot - 11-15-2018

I totally agree with Spoons !!! They are soooo cute together !!

RE: [TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - Tito - 12-09-2018

Given, that I am not taking too many pics in any game, lately, here's a picture of a new Sim, I didn't make too long ago:

[Image: tumblr_pivi2kE5nX1ru7j2ro1_1280.png]

Her name is Tash and I made her for/around that hair  Rolleyes

RE: [TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - MissyHissy - 12-09-2018

She looks great, Tito!  Heart

RE: [TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - spoonsthings - 12-14-2018

That hair IS great!

I do that thing where I see a piece of CC and I think "I will create an entirely new sim just to use this on them" but I think you're better at doing that, and still having the sim turn out like they are their own person.

RE: [TS3] Titos TS3 Pics - Hellfrozeover - 12-17-2018

I still think that she looks like a Londoner! In the best way.