Hiya! *waves*
You can tag people in forums? Oh dear. I have missed that one. [Image: sarcastic.gif] I must be getting old!
I wasn't sure if there was a way to tag people in here or not. xD If there is, I don't know how to do it either, except maybe by quoting them??
Well, quoting is handy for referring to something specific someone said or said a few posts back or whatever. Doesn't alert anyone to the fact that they've been mentioned, like it might in a Discord chat or on Twitter or something. Which is what I was thinking you were meaning by "tag" and which is something I'm just getting used to - so I thought you youngins knew something this middle-aged nut-case didn't know about. Haa!
Hii there poodle! Nice to meet you Smile
Hi (again!) Big Grin
Heya Mel! I love your creations and your builds, your art is also amazing bear  and cats ftw!
H! I'm maramaja06 in tumblr.  I also love your builds sims and houses! [Image: heart.png]
[Image: Z5qDVX.gif]
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