Hi! I'm Alexandra and I am a forum murderer I live in Scotland with my dog army and my husband of almost six years Smile

I'm a long time simmer, having used my birthday money from my eleventh birthday to buy The Sims 1. I've been addicted ever since and have loved (and complained about) every version of the game since. I currently play TS3 and TS4 most often, although I do visit the other ones sometimes too!

Aside from The Sims, I love creating art and taking my dogs on adventures  Heart
Aw, Alex, I know the feels of being a forum murderer!  Big Grin Bah, all is back again and we'll just keep on keeping on. Big Grin
Lol Should you be walking around free in this forum? Tongue
Aw, no these things happen! And its always a good excuse to start afresh and make good use of new stuff that maybe you couldn't do on the previous  forum. I really like the 'feel' of this site Cool
Glad to be here with you all! And Thank you for originally inviting me to PP, Alex Smile
I would have blamed it on the dogs, if I were you. Arf arf.

I like the new feel of this site too! Very Gengar-chic.
Everyone loves your dogs Smile

The Genuine Frenchwoman. God saves the bears bear
I'll always follow you in your forum adventures, dear! Heart
(BTW, when I opened Tumblr, I first quickly saw the last sentence of your message with "new one", and before reading the whole message, I thought you were about to have another dog! Big Grin)
Alex! My fellow haggis person! Big Grin   Heart Heart Heart
Oh the shaaaaame! It was all Mickey's faultSarcastic_blum  

I'm lucky that you're all so understandingMr47_03

[Image: tumblr_pcpbds1Xmz1r4c5dxo1_400.jpg]
You can't imagine how often I wish RL situations were like simming... where you can allways press rewind, leave without saving ... or like now, start again Smile
I would rewind to my wedding reception and I would put down the cake Blum

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